• Lean production management / Danfoss At Danfoss Vaasa, Fliq is used for monitoring production data. We also implemented Fliq’s andon call and logistics request systems to improve the factory’s internal messaging and gained significant time savings in troubleshooting and internal logistics. FLiQ is a great complimentary tool to support our Lean strategy. Heidi Hannus / Manager, Production Exellence
  • Aftersales management / NEK Ltd NEK Ltd. is a manufacturer of superstructures for trucks. Our clients are the largest truck manufacturers in Skandinavia and our products are sold and used all over Skandinavia. Aftersales management is a demanding process and we have several service-partners located throughout Scandinavia to take care of our products. We needed a solution to manage our products periodic and warranty maintenance. FliQ provided us a perfect solution. We can now manage each and every superstructures maintenance and monitor workflows with ease and realtime. Outsourced service partners are also users of the system and they are keeping record of every single action performed to our products. FliQ also implemented our webshop in the same system so the service partners can order spareparts directly from within the aftersales management system. We also gave our clients access to the system through a customer portal which means they can keep track of the maintenance status of the superstructures. Tapani Koski / COB
  • Asset and maintenance management / Tähtipiste Ltd Tähtipiste Oy is a service partner for major industrial companies in Vaasa. Our business is to make sure that our client’s critical production lines keep on going and to help them increase productivity, as well as together strive for continuos improvement. FliQ has given us a totally new way to improve our services. With FliQ’s customer portal we are now able to transparently share all relevant information regarding the workflow processes. With FliQ as our core, we have been able to create new business models and provide better quality to our customers. Since implemention of FliQ, our customer satisfaction has increased significantly and our revenue has doubled. Veli-Jussi Koskela / Managing Director



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